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Spiked Dog Collars

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Wolf collarSpiked wolf collars

These have been band in a number of countries out side of the US due to their cruelty to dogs, so they are ideal for your slave.

Best use steady and consistent pressure, and keep your awareness of the slaves circumstances keen.
Your slave is only too aware of his vulnerability - it is his blind trust and faith in his Master for safety that allows him to keep going through it all. Some of the later version have plastic covers to the prongs so reducing the irritation to the animal.
The spikes are designed to go through the fur and bike into the skin to get the attention of the dog. The construction is such that there is a hinged double row pronged segments (that you can add to subtract to for neck size)  that connects to a chain loop.   This the the Tight/Loose mechanism.
For a human k9 however you can imagine how thoughtless or reckless  use of  such a collar could have on the throat and Adams Apple!  Therefore like most thing can be dangerous in the hands of an idiot. Reckless use by a Master not only would result is gross damage to a slave, but undue interest from the cops!

Pin Prick collars

These are leather collars with pin prick spikes on the inside.The same kind that you find inside some chastity shorts for when there is punishment for unauthorized erections, also in full body harnesses that grips the slaves body, where any movement they dig into the skin, inside the seat of leather shorts to prevent the slave sitting (he knows he should be on all fours anyway), on spiked paw mitts, so he does not touch his cock (it belongs to you anyhow and he knows he needs permission to touch it  - however hard it is).

I really love these, they constantly remind the slave of his condition, giving him immediate corrective feedback. The spiked pannels that go in the front on the Leather Chastity Shorts are further imploved with electrical connection to alternate spikes so that it can be connected to a remote trainer or Tens unit.


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